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2020 Food Trends: the Odd, the Healthy, the Disastrous and the COVID-Influenced

One of the seven deadly sin is by far the most popular: gluttony. Oh, why did food have to be so darn tasty!? This fast-changing world has shortened our attention spans, but luckily the yummy world of food is always surprising us with something new and exciting.

Here’s our list of the trends that we’re seeing in this notorious 2020.

1. Mukbang Eatcasts

Topping the Odd Charts by a long shot in the #1 spot is the South Korean voyeuristic, social media food-gorging live feeds of “Mukbang,” which means eating broadcast in Korean.

Originally this was a live feed on a platform called Mukbang, where the influencers receive a huge delivery of food in their homes and… they eat it all live in front of their fans.

The amount of food they have to eat gives enough time for watchers/fans to tune in and “have dinner with them,” virtually. The appeal is that in today’s world there are many young people emigrating to big cities to work and friends may be hard to connect with or it’s costly to eat out. The influencer interacts with the live feed comments and the fans can send the influencer small amounts of money on the platform that sometimes adds up to an entire salary.

Successful Mukbangers usually have some kind of a gimmick, such as the challenge of eating humungous amounts of food, they are professional chefs who use high-end cameras to broadcast their cooking before they eat, they can simply be very cute and petite young women, or the opposite: ill-mannered, Neanderthal-ish and, therefore, hilariously entertaining eating.

Obviously, in South Korea, Mukbangers speak in Korean, but the concept has spread to Japan and China, where they have started their own platforms in their own language.

You can now also watch similar phenomenon on YouTube! Check out this Mukbanger in English! Comment below if you see the appeal.

With many chefs now out of work, and many more people requesting delivery at home and the American obsession with social media, the US market is ripe for Mukbang to explode here, too.

2. Private & Personal Chefs

Hiring a private or personal chef is a resourceful solution, especially in today’s COVID-influenced world. The restaurant business has been turned upside down with many temporarily or permanently shuttered restaurants, the now-official recession, no second round of federal stimulus package relief in sight and people taking extra precautions against COVID by avoiding outings.

Although private and personal chef are commonly used interchangeably, to differentiate: a private chef is usually hired to cook on a long-term basis, whereas a personal chef is usually for one-off events.

We can arrange a private chef for a small, outdoor get together

  • Hiring a personal chef can be inexpensive and easy

For people who need to stick to a budget, one-off celebrations can easily be handled with one of our basic family catered event packages starting at $59 per person (6 minimum). Hire one of GetPrivateChef’s skilled chefs and let us take care of everything, including groceries!

Let a chef impress you with their creativity and delectable cuisine!

  • Hire a personal chef to treat yourself and your friends/fam

If your bigger concern is sharing a space in locations that you don’t have control over with many strangers at once, you can still delight your palate with a five-star chef in your own location! Our next package starts at $75 per person with a minimum of 6 guests. We can get as elaborate as you wish. Miami has incredible ingredient sourcing that allows chefs to get very creative!

GetPrivateChef has connections with chefs that are also willing and happy to work on a long-term basis for your family or company. Email us with any specifics and we’ll go through our Rolodex to find a good fit.

Note, we can also cater to different food restrictions, including Kosher. Write us and we’ll brainstorm with you! Or pick up the phone for a friendly conversation about hiring a personal or private chef. 1-888-466-1466.

3. The non-spooky “Ghost Kitchen”

Of course, in trendy Miami we are seeing a quick adoption of the Ghost Kitchen, aka “delivery only,” restaurants. This was actually more of a response from COVID-19 shelter-at-home than anything trendy and chic.

At GetPrivateChef, we’re going to bet that this delivery trend is going to affect the types of menus we see for years to come. To keep clients happy, the food needs to arrive looking and tasting great after being in a hot box for up to an hour at times before being opened.

Restaurants from China to New York to Miami are all finding some success in this minimalist model. They save on rent because they only need a kitchen and on staff because they don’t need busboys, waiters or a full-time dishwasher or expensive machine. With a good webpage and delivery, some chefs are able to continue working in their field.

4. Comfort Foods; junk & organic

The news is abuzz with the not-so-surprising increase in sales of all kinds of comfort foods. And although it is very evident that well-priced organic versions of our comfort foods are flying off the shelves (literally, those shelves are usually empty), the numbers are backing his. However, even processed comfort foods from our youth are seeing huge increases in sales.

Early on in the shelter-at-home orders, breakfast items like milk, eggs, pancake batter, muffins and cereals were a scarcity and have caused a rise in prices that has lasted for months.

And just when we thought we were trending towards healthier foods, ice cream, cookies, pizza, mac ’n cheese, lasagna, pasta sauce, ramen - and especially those childhood brands – are enjoying a major resurgence.

5. The Geeky Gluten-Free & Lactose Intolerant Club is strong and growing

Legions are discovering through simple medical blood tests that they have a slight or dangerous allergy to gluten and/or lactose. They are having to come to terms with what has probably been years of discomfort and feeling sick that they can no longer be so care-free with their food, yet there are not many choices out there.

The pandemic’s devastating financial effects on restaurants have proven that establishments that cater to the lactose intolerant and gluten-sensitive truly have loyal clientele.

In Miami, Shepherd Artisan Café, Holi Vegan and Apple a Day (who all offer plant-based milk and gluten-free options) have thus far weathered the COVID storm. Drive by and you’ll always find their outdoor tables and delivery people busy at all times.

Read on how we can support restaurateurs here.

6. Conversions to flexitarianism and popularity of plant-based foods

Ask your most hardcore carnivore friend if they’ve tried the Impossible Burger or any other such plant-based meat substitute and you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that they have. On a global scale the demand for meat continues to grow, at the same time many people have decided to become vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian (eating only vegetables and seafood) or cut down on the amount of meat they eat in general.

Although Miami’s Latin restaurants are slow to catch up on the trend and don’t offer filling vegan or plant-based options, they are the exception. All other restaurants proudly offer options and mark them with corresponding icons.

7. Non-plastic cutlery

Bamboo sporks and paper straws are starting to make their appearance in some restaurants in Miami. Considering South Florida is so dependent on water for their tourism and economic growth, it’s been slow to react to the amount of plastics that are ruining the waters.

Gross levels of seaweed, so much more plastic washing ashore, the marine wildlife quickly disappearing and global warming flooding waterfront properties should all have been the big red, glaring alarm a long time ago.

The event planning company that GetPrivateChef works with, D’Light Events, has taken the bold step to specialize in eco-friendly event planning. They are committed to reducing our impact on the Earth by making the best décor choices possible and recycling everything possible. We are also proud recommend their online store of bio-friendly party supplies.

We would be so pleased to help you organize an on-trend event. From finding the perfect chef, putting together the tastiest menu to delight all of your guests, to beautiful décor with a minimal impact on the Earth. Write us now.


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