Dine-In During COVID-19: Get a Private Chef for your Dinner Home Party

Updated: Jul 16

Hiring a private chef for an intimate event is within reach. There are fabulous internationally-trained chefs who look forward to the opportunity to impress you with their tasty palettes of cuisine.

We know what you’re thinking: Eating out could be problematic

You’re probably reading this during the COVID-19 pandemic because you’re weary of going out to eat but you want to have a small social event. You’re right to be cautious. We’ve all noticed that how well a restaurant adheres to safeguards varies widely from restaurant to restaurant and hour to hour.

More important than the clients that enter, than the restaurant’s official policy or even the governor’s mandates, it depends on each individual staff member on shift.

While we have seen shining examples of very conscientious staff, there have, unfortunately, also been cases of recklessness. The media reports that police have shut down at least four restaurants in the past two weeks in Miami for violating official social distancing orders.

Especially for people with compromised immunological systems or underlying conditions, hiring a private chef may be the answer.

Gain more control by hiring a private chef

“By hiring a private chef, you can come to an accord beforehand on the issues that concern you the most: from what’s on your menu, how many waiting assistants to hire, to cleanup and disinfecting.”

As of July 1, this is the latest governmental order on face masks.

How would I arrange a private chef event with my friends and family? It’s simple. Most of our clients are thrilled with the idea, since it’s the most comfortable choice for a celebration or for a much-needed, fun evening in.

  1. Take a look at our menus (call or email for a free consultation)

  2. Decide which package - starting at $75 per person*

  3. Let us know of any special concerns you might have as relates to Covid-19 or anything else

  4. Announce to your friends and family that you want to hire a private chef to have an evening all together

  5. Ask them: “Who’s in?”

  6. Keep a tally of your RSVPs

  7. Settle on a date and check that our chefs and staff aren’t booked

  8. Fix the menu with us

  9. Put down a deposit so we set aside that date for you…

And voilá! You have an amazing gastronomic experience and cozy get-together… on your turf.

Corporate events with social distancing can similarly be arranged in a location.

Can you arrange a private chef in another location?

Absolutely. Graduated with a masters in Luxury Brand Management, Food and Wine, the founder and CEO, Aurore Colin and having hosted events in Miami, GetPrivateChef.com has a portfolio of private venues, restaurants and unique locations to choose from.

With our partners, D’Light Events, we can arrange a beautiful event. Bonus: D’Light Events specializes in bio-friendly party planning; i.e. consuming less plastics, leaving as little trash as possible and recycling whenever possible. Feel good going green.

It takes a simple contact to see if hiring a private chef will work for you. Drop us a line and give us an idea of what you envision. We’re also creative and can offer suggestions.

*Minimum of four people for this price of $59pp

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