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Romantic Date Ideas in Miami - Even During COVID-19!

Updated: Jul 21

Miami is an exciting beach town full of life, energy and activity. Sometimes it's even hard to find a calm spot to do couple-y stuff and be romantic.

Here we offer four date ideas across Miami, from a large villa and garden that will transport you to a more romantic era, to a fabulous hotel and mall with a unique, open-air natural feel, ferry rides on the cheap, to chartering yachts and romantic, private locations on water.

1. Vizcaya Gardens

If ever there was a time warp in Miami to transport you into another world and era, complete with old-fashioned romantic courtship… Vizcaya Gardens is that doorway.

Currently a museum and gardens, it was originally the villa of a wealthy businessman, James Deering. Construction officially began in 1912 and the home was occupied in 1916. With 180 acres there is plenty of space for the various gardens and pier.

The protection of the tree-covered parking area and stone fences from the bustling city of Miami provides a sound barrier where birds chirp and leaves rustle.

Covid-19 precautions at Vizcaya Gardens Tickets to Vizcaya must be purchased in advance and you must show proof of purchase to the entry booth

· Valid entry any time between 9:30am-4:30pm

· The Main House will close at 5:00pm and the gardens at 5:30pm

· Six feet of social distance and masks are obligatory to speak with attendants, at entry booth, inside the Main House and whenever the six feet of social distancing is difficult to maintain in the gardens

· Café & Gift Shops are closed, bring your own water but picnicking is not permitted

$ Price range ($0 - $18 per person)

2. East Hotel

East Hotel in the heart of the trendiest parts of Brickell is much more than a resort and food court.

East is a high-rise with an ultramodern look in calming white, light greys and natural tones whose open-air spaces, multiple small turquoise pools, and ceilings sculpted into waves offer the visitor an organic, outdoor feel. It could be the set of a Hollywood futuristic film, only it’s here today.

Spacious walkways lend that sense of generosity, freedom and wellbeing that you want on a cozy weekend with your sweetheart. Spend the night at the hotel or just enjoy a languid dinner. This is one spectacular step above your average mall or café experience. Street parking is near nonexistent, and the ample parking garage can be a bit pricey.

Covid-19 precautions at East Hotel that affects guests

· Regular temperature checks and travel history checks for all guests and team members

· Adjusted opening hours for our gym, pool and bar

· All-day dining and room service operations remain as per normal

· Lunch is only available on Sundays at Quinto, and Quinto only opens at 5pm (after 7pm, it’s recommended that you call to make a reservation)

· Serving mostly salads and pizzas

· Domain and Sugar only open for dinner at 4pm

· Always wear a mask, even while just sitting at a table (of course, not while eating)

· Outdoor seating only

$ Price range ($20 - $60 per person)

3. Ferry Ride or Charter a Private Yacht or Sailboat

One of the loveliest sights in Miami is all around us: the water. Take your pick: sea, bay or ocean. If you haven’t noticed, we also have marinas and boats everywhere, including in private, personal docks. With this abundance of sailboats and small – large luxury yachts, a cruise around Miami is accessible to anyone.

Ferry rides leave from Bayside Marketplace, near the port of Miami for your best price. There are various companies at Bayside, so if you’re budget-conscious look for your Groupon deals, comparison shop on their websites looking at their tour duration, whether a drink is included and the description of their tour. Note, parking in the Bayside parking lot is also high, and there is street parking in the median along the main road, which is still elevated but less expensive.

If you are going to go all out, rent a yacht or a sailboat! Prices start at $50 per hour, but beware that there’s usually a minimum amount of people that must sign up for them to run the tour. For a couple’s trip, your estimate could be closer to $200 as a starting range. Luxury yachts can run to $1000 for a premium day trip with cuisine and drinks included.

Covid-19 precautions that you should expect ferries/yachts will be taking

All will abide by government standards, but each vessel owner/charter company will specify their own expectations from guests as well as the procedures they are implementing.

· Pre-purchase your tickets on ferries or arrange your cruise in advance in the case of chartering a private vessel

· Limited capacity on ferries (usually reduced to 50% or less)

· Social distancing of 6 feet apart enforced in ticketing, lines, aboard the vessel

· Must apply sanitizer before boarding

$ Price range ($28 - $2000)

Get a quote for a private yacht rental + chef experience!

4. Multiple-Course Dinner with Personal Chef on a Floating, Private Location

If you love water but prefer to be on stable land, we have insider access to a private location for rent for pop up events.

This makes a perfect surprise, romantic dinner because you can control all of the elements, from the menu, the timing and privacy.

Covid-19 precautions

· All locations must take precautions, such as mask-wearing and social-distancing of 6 feet when arriving to the location and any interaction with staff or guests nearby

· You won't have to wear the masks as you are eating, or the chef or staff are not in the room

$ Price range ($990)

Tell us about your romantic rendezvous idea and we'll help you plan it!



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